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Custom-made safety wear with the ISA-TEX guarantee

We are specialised in certified safety wear, including (but not limited to) weather protection, high-visibility, as well as more complex requirements as flame retardant, welding protection, protection from liquid chemicals, anti-static or ESD garments, certified by European textile institutes. Of course all our garments are suitable for industrial laundry on request.

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As all our products, also our certified safety wear will be produced in the highest quality. Particularly for safety garments we play safe. Either if the final product is a jacket, pants or any other garment, safety wear always needs to be certified. This is a time-consuming task, but guarantees the best safety for your employees. Despite the functionality that is in the foreground, even our safety garments can be designed according to your corporate identity, but not all modifications are certifiable, and safety comes first!

We produce certified workwear for various fields of operations:

High-Visibility garments increase the visibility of the employee in hazardous environments.

Welding protection against splashes of molten metal, radiant heat from electric arcs and short-term contact with open flames.

Flame retardant garments protect the wearer against flash burns. The garments need to protect the wearer completely at the torso, the lower part of the body as well as at the arms, legs and at the neck. By contact with open flames, these garments must not burn or melt.

Protection against liquid chemicals is necessary when handling hazardous acids alkaline liquids.

Protection against cold provides insulation against cooling-down.

Water resistant garments protect against rain, fog or soil moisture.

Protection against thermal hazards of an electric arc is essential in working environments where the wearer is exposed to potential electric arcs.

Multinorm garments protect the wearer against multiple hazards, combined in one garment.